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1. c. February 11, 1963 - Amazing that they got the whole album recorded in one day, taking only a quick lunch break!

2. b. "Thank Your Lucky Stars"

3. The song Kenny Lynch recorded was "Misery", a Lennon/McCartney composition included on the Please Please Me album.

4. a. With the Beatles - The cover of this album is the one with the Beatles' faces half in shadow, remember?

5. George wrote "Don't Bother Me", which is probably what he was thinking while laying sick in bed, don't you think?

6. b. "Twist and Shout" - Yep, he really had his shirt off. The version you hear on the album was Take One of the song - incredible, huh? It was the last song recorded that day, for when John sang it, he really got into it and tore his throat apart in doing so. They had to get it right the first time!

7. "I Wanna Be your Man" was given to the Rolling Stones after the Beatles recorded it, with Ringo on the lead vocals of the Beatles' version.

8. c. Sweden

9. a. Prince of Wales Theatre - Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and Lord Snowdon attended this concert. The Beatles performed four numbers.

10. b. "Juke Box Jury" - individual members of the Beatles and Brian Epstein would occasionally appear on this show during the coming years.

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