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Popular in Britain, but basically unknown in America, 1963 for the Beatles was a year of television shows, touring, songwriting, and radio broadcasts in places around England and Europe. See how many questions about this year you can answer.

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1. The Beatles first LP (album) was released in 1963, all recorded in one day. What was the date for this musical marathon?

a. January 30, 1963

b. March 9, 1963

c. February 11, 1963

2. On which television program did the Beatles appear on, their first national appearance in England?

a. "Pop Go The Beatles"

b. "Thank Your Lucky Stars"

c. "Meet the Wife"

3. The first artist to record a Beatles song was Kenny Lynch. What song of the Beatles did he choose to record?

4. The Beatles second album was released in Britain in 1963. What was the title of it?

a. With the Beatles

b. Meet the Beatles

c. Introducing the Beatles

5. While sick in bed, George Harrison wrote his first solo number to appear on a Beatles LP. What was the title of the song he wrote?

6. What song included on Please Please Me did John Lennon sing with his shirt off?

a. "There's a Place"

b. "Twist and Shout"

c. "Please Please Me"

7. What song included on With the Beatles was later given to the Rolling Stones for them to record?

8. The Beatles first foreign tour began on October 24, 1963. What country did they tour in?

a. Germany

b. France

c. Sweden

9. On November 4, the Beatles played for the Queen of England. The concert was called the Royal Variety Show. What was the theatre where the Beatles played their show called?

a. Prince of Wales Theatre

b. The Palladium

c. Carnegie Hall

10. A special edition of a radio show in England featured the Beatles as a panel of judges for ten different songs, held in December. What was the radio show called?

a. "Pop Go The Beatles"

b. "Juke Box Jury"

c. "The Ed Sullivan Show"

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