1964 - Answers

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1. c. February 9, 1964 - This was a really famous performance. The Beatles did two other Sullivan shows in February, one live and one was taped for a future performance.

2. The Beatles' first number one song was "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

3. a. Paris, France - After recieving news of their first number one hit, the Beatle shad a pillow fight and then went to a photo session that had them positioned in front of an American flag.

4. The two songs the Beatles re-recorded into German were "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You". The song titles in German were "Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand" and "Sie Leibt Dich". (Those two German versions are available on the Past Masters Volume One cd and cassette.)

5. c. Paris.

6. 'A Hard Day's Night' was the Beatles' first movie to be filmed.

7. A tour of Great Britain was the last one the Fab Four did in 1964.

8. b. $150,000 - A ridiculously high price for concerts then. O'Finley lost thousands of money on the deal. You know, $150,000 for a half an hour show turns out to be over $5,000 a minute!

9. Beatles For Sale - This album was really rushed for the Christmas shopping season.

10. "Eight Days A Week"

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