This year was full of tours for the Beatles. America caught Beatlemania, like England did the year before. Take a look at these questions about 1964.

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1. The Beatles' first television appearance in the United States was on the Ed Sullivan Show, which was watched that night by millions of people. What was the date of this show that the Beatles appeared on for the first time?

a. February 7, 1964

b. January 30, 1964

c. February 9, 1964

2. Name the Beatles' first number one single of this year in America.

3. Where were the Beatles when they learned about their number one hit in America?

a. Paris, France

b. Liverpool, England

c. Hamburg, Germany

4. Odeon, a (then) West German outlet for EMI Records, declared the Beatles' new hits wouldn't sell in Germany unless the lyrics were sung in German. Name the two songs the Beatles re-recorded into German. Bonus: also give the titles of the songs in German!

5. Where were the above two songs re-recorded?

a. London

b. Berlin

c. Paris

6. What was the title of the Beatles' first movie, filmed in the beginning of 1964?

7. The Beatles did three major tours in 1964, lasting for several weeks at a time. The first one was during June, and it was a world tour. The second tour lasted from August to September in America. Where did the Beatles go from October to November?

8. On September 17, the Beatles played at Muncipal Stadium, Kansas City, during what was supposed to be their day off. Charles O'Finley, owner of the Kansas City Athletes, offered Brian Epstein how much for the Beatles to play there for half an hour?

a. $145,000

b. $150,000


9. The Beatles released an album in December that showed them tired and worn-out looking from touring on the cover. On the album, they played some of their own numbers as well as some cover songs. What was the name of the album?

10. A song on the above album had an unusual feature on it, which had never been used on a rock song before: a faded-in introduction. What was the song's title?

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