1965 - Answers

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1. c. "Ticket To Ride" - This song runs just a little over three minutes.

2. "Yesterday" is the most covered song to date, with over 3,000 versions of it!

3. b. A Spaniard In The Works - This book didn't recieve as much attention as John's previous one, but it was a smash hit with the fans.

4. The MBE was awarded to the Beatles. The letters stand for "Member (of the Order of) the British Empire". Many British people who had won it for wars and the like returned thiers in protest of a pop group getting the award. John Lennon later returned it in the '70's against England's involvement in the Vietnam war.

5. The song is "Michelle". The French lines, "Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble" translate into "These are words that go together well".

6. c. "I'm Looking Through You" - Paul wrote this song for Jane Asher.

7. a. Elvis Presley - They all hung out at Elvis' house for a while. You can hear the Threetle talk about it on the video version of the Anthologies that were shown on tv a couple years back.

8. c. "Baby Let's Play House" - The Beatles were rushed to release an album before Christmas, so John Lennon said he took the lines from the song because of that.

9. "I've just Seen A Face" and "It's Only Love" were added onto Rubber Soul by the American company.

10. a. He played an electric organ (with his elbows!) - On the video Anthology, the other Beatles remember John getting all crazy and playing the organ with his elbows. It even shows him playing it. John recalled the concert in the '70's and said he felt really funny without his guitar strapped on.

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