1965 was still a touring year for the Beatles, however their songwriting began to mature and have more meaning. Take a look at these questions concerning this year.

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1. The Beatles' first number one song of this year was also special in one way: it was the first Beatles' song to exceed the three-minute limit of most rock songs. What song was it?

a. "I'm Down"

b. "Day Tripper"

c. "Ticket To Ride"

2. A song Paul McCartney wrote in 1965 was included on the Help! album. It is also the most covered song in pop music. It's working title was "Scrambled Eggs". Can you name the song?

3. In 1964, John Lennon had released a book of his drawings and poems entitled In His Own Write. The next year, he completed another book. What was its title?

a. Out Of Me Head

b. A Spaniard In The Works

c. Skywriting By Word Of Mouth

4. In June, the Beatles were given an award by the Queen of England. What was it called, and for extra credit, name what the letters stood for?

5. During a song on the Rubber Soul album, Paul McCartney sings a little in French. What song is it, and what does the French translate to?

6. Ringo Starr himself plays the organ on what sing on the Rubber Soul album?

a. "Wait"

b. "In My Life"

c. "I'm Looking Through You"

7. On Friday, August 27, the Beatles dropped bya famous musician's house in California. Who did they visit?

a. Elvis Presley

b. Davy Jones

c. Carl Perkins

8. "Run For Your Life", a Lennon song included on Rubber Soul , contained two lines from an Elvis Presley number. Name the song the lines were 'borrowed' from.

a. "Heartbreak Hotel"

b. "Love Me Tender"

c. "Baby Let's Play House"

9. On the American version of Rubber Soul, four songs were taken off, and two songs were added from their previous album were added. What two songs were they?

10. On August 15, the Beatles played at Shea Stadium, performing in front of thousands of screaming fans. What did John Lennon do for the first time befor ean audience?

a. He played the electric organ (with his elbows?).

b. He wore sunglasses and a hat (you know, those cool ones he wears).

c. He jumped off the stage in the middle of a song and danced with a fan.

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