During this year, the Beatles stopped touring and began to spend more time in the studio. Drugs began to influnce their music more, and the Beatles, especially John, began to write songs with deeper meanings. See if you can answer these questions.

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1. In August, the Beatles released Revolver, an album with some rock songs and some folk-type songs. There were many names considered before settling on the album's title, which referred to a record spinning on a turntable. Name at least one of the names considered for the album.

2. The opening track on Revolver was a George Harrison composition, called "Taxman". Who played the guitar solo on it, insisting he could do it better?

a. John Lennon

b. Eric Clapton

c. Paul McCartney

3. It was during this year when John and George were first introduced to LSD. Who first gave it to them, even though at the time they didn't know he had?

4. Now under the influence of LSD a lot, John began writing more psychedelic songs. What song included in Revolver was a display of John's first voyage into psychedelic rock?

a. "Tomorrow Never Knows"

b. "She Said She Said"

c. "Doctor Robert"

5. A song on the Revolver album is one that none of the Beatles played an instrument on. Written by Paul, he is the only one to sing on it. what is the song's title?

6. The cover of Revolver show a collage of pictures and drawings of the band. A friend of the Beatles from their Hamburg, Germany days created the cover picture. Name the person.

a. Klaus Voorman

b. Astris Kirchherr

c. Stuart Sutcliffe

7. Two historic things were said to have happened on November 9, 1966: Paul McCartney "died" in a tragic accident, starting the 'Paul Is Dead' rumors, and what else happened on this date?

a. George almost overdosed on drugs

b. John met Yoko Ono for the first time

c. Ringo's drumset was destroyed in a fire

8. The Beatles stopped touring during this year. Their last concert during that tour was at Candlestick Park, in San Francisco, California. What was the date of this show?

a. August 19, 1966

b. September 25, 1966

c. August 29, 1966

9. Name the single released in America that failed to reach number one.

10. During this year, Paul McCartney won a Grammy for the category of 'Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Performance, Male'. He was given this award for what song?

a. "For No One"

b. "Eleanor Rigby"

c. "Here, There, Everywhere"

That wasn't bad, was it? Let's see how you did: answers!

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