You    Say    It's    Your    Birthday!

The Beatle Birthdays: 

Richard Starkey - b. July 7th, 1940   Liverpool, England
John Winston Lennon - b. October 9th, 1940   Liverpool, England
                            d. December 8th, 1980   New York, NY
James Paul McCartney - b. June 18th, 1942   Liverpool, England
George Harrison - b. February 25th, 1943   Liverpool, England

The Beatle Kid and Wive Birthdays:

First wife: Mary "Maureen" Cox - b. August 4th, 1946  Liverpool, England   d. 1995
Second wife: Barbara Bach - b. 1951  New York, New York
Zac - b. September 13th, 1965  Hammersmith, London
Jason - b. August 19th, 1967  London, England
Lee - b. November 11th, 1970  London, England

First wife: Cynthia Powell - b. September 10th, 1939  Blackpool, England
Second wife: Yoko Ono - b. February 18th, 1933  Tokyo, Japan
Julian - b. April 8th, 1963  Liverpool, England
Sean - b. October 9th, 1975  New York, New York

Wife: Linda Eastman - b. September 24th, 1942  New York d. April 19th (?), 1998
Mary - b. August 29th, 1969  London, England
Stella - b. September 3rd, 1971  London, England
James - b. September 12th, 1977  London, England
(Note: I have not included heather because, technically, she isn't Paul's kid.)

First wife: Patricia "Pattie" Boyd - b.  March 17th, 1944  
Second wife: Olivia Trinidad - 1948, Mexico
Dhani - August, 1978  Windsor

Beatle People Birthdays:

Brian Epstein - b. September 19th, 1934  Liverpool, England  
           d. August 25th, 1967  Kingsley Hill, Sussex, England

Neil Aspinall - b. October 13th, 1942 Prestatyn, North Wales

Mal Evans - b. England  d. America

Allen Klein - b. December 13th, 1931  Newark

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