In 1964, John Lennon put together a collection of short stories he had written. If you are reading this for the first time, it might not make any sense to you. But you have to learn how to read it. If you read it just by what you see, it won't make sense. However, if you read it while thinking of why John wrote it and how funny and amusing it can be, it will be a pleasure to read. It really is a nice book to read - John was proud of it. So please, take the time to read through these stories, and enjoy yourself!

*NOTE: Throughout these stories, you will see misspelled words. This is not my bad typing - it's how the stories really were written. I am not changing any spellings, punctuations, etc. on these stories. The words are just part of the fun of reading it!

*ONE MORE NOTE: Placed throughout these stories there are drawings to go with the stories. Unfortunately, I don't own a scanner, but if I ever get ahold of one, I will be sure to put the drawings in. If you ever have the chance to look at this book, be sure to look at the drawings John made. They are clever and great!

~ KNow i villl letcha cheka out dis booook! ~


Introduction/About the Awful

Partly Dave

No Flies on Frank

Good Dog Nigel

At the Denis

The Fat Growth on Eric Hearble

The Wrestling Dog

Randolf's Party

The Famous Five through Woenow Abbey

Sad Michael

I Wandered

A Letter

Scene three Act one

Treasure Ivan

All Abord Speeching

The Fingletoad Resort of Teddiviscious

Alec Speaking


You Might Well Arsk

Nicely Nicely Clive

Neville Club

The Moldy Moldy Man

*On Safairy with Whide Hunter

I Sat Belonely

Henry and Harry

Deaf Ted, Danoota, (and me)

A Surprise for Little Bobby

Halbut Returb

Unhappy Frank

On this Churly Morn

Victor Triumphs Again and Mrs. Weatherby Learns a Lesson

I Remember Arnold

*Written in conjungal with Paul

~More stories will be up soon - I just have to type them up!~

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Copyright © 1964 by John Lennon.