The Fat Growth on Eric Hearble

One fat morning Eric Hearble wake up with an abnorman fat growth a bombly on his head. 'Oh crumb,' said Eric Hearble, who was a very very, surprised. Anyway he carried on as Norman for why should he worried? All of suddy he heard a small little voice calling him by name, 'Eric ... Eric Hearble' it seemed to say though I couldn't say for sure.

That night the very same voice spoke again saying 'Eric, I am a growth on your very head, help me, Eric.'

Soon Eric became very attached to his fat growth friend.

'Call me Scab,' the voice said and he was.

'Call me Eric,' Eric said as naturly as he could. From then on you never saw Eric without the big fat scab growth on his head. And that's why Eric Hearble lost his job teaching spastics to dance.

'Were not having a cripple teaching our lads,' said the Headmaster.

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Copyright © 1964, John Lennon