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Hello, all you Beatle lovers! This page is devoted to the best rock and roll group of all time: THE BEATLES!! This site will take you on a magical mystery tour, from fan fics to pictures, books to other Beatle sites, and much much more!!

ATTENTION! Chapter VII of my fan fic has been posted! Please check it out and let me know what you think! Chapter VIII is in the midst of being written - I'll have it up as soon as possible - almost finished now, so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy everything I have up here - and please check back soon! This page will have lots more features soon!!


There are lots of stories about the Beatles online, and I have written my own fan fiction! There are seven chapters posted now, but please check it out and be sure to keep checking back! More chapters will be coming soon! I would love to hear what you think about my fan fic - please drop me a line about it! ~New! Chapter VII is up!~ Chapter VIII coming soon!!


In 1964, John Lennon published a book of some of his stories and drawings - and I have several of the stories included in his book posted here for you to read! The stories are funny and entertaining - a must for any Beatle fan to read!


When's your favorite Beatle's birthday? Check out different dates of the Beatles, their wives and kids, and lots of other Beatle people!


See how much you know about the Fab Four! I have written several different trivia quizzes that you can take. More will be coming soon, but several are up now - so, go on - test your Beatle knowledge!


This is a page of links to very neat pages I've come across on the 'Net, plus a few of my friends' sites. (They are mostly all Beatle-related, of course!) :) So if you're looking for some good pages to visit on the 'Net, take a look at these! And be sure to visit this page again! :)


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Why did I create this page? Why do I like the Beatles? What is my real name? You can find out all the answers to these *exciting* questions and more about me if you visit this part! :)

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