Introduction to Strawberry Fields Forever

The Beatles. Their music has changed the world. Their legacy will live on forever.

We all know the music is what they were formed for, but there's not just the music that makes the Beatles what they are. There's their attitudes, their style, and of course, their hair cuts. There has been numerous books written on them, thousands of different companies have emblazoned simply the words "The Beatles" on their products and have made lots of money. That's all part of the show.

But behind all of that there is the music. The four men who make the music. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They have inspired many of us to join the field of music, to experiment like they did. I have been inspired by them, not only musically, but also emotionally.

The four lads from Liverpool are also the focus of many stories and novels and fan fics, as they're called, of the world's children. I have read many of these stories on the Internet, and they are fun and enjoyable. I got inspired to write my own. I have many stories, as I call them, in my head and waiting to come out. This one was just a simple thought that evolved into something bigger.

This story begins in 1985, in New York City, at a certain place in Central Park. That's where it all started. Leeanne Baker - or Lee, as we call her - has, by "imagining", somehow found herself in the middle of a real magical mystery tour.

I do warn you that I have added some fictional scenes (well, I had to!), but the dates and happenings during most of the *shows* are real. I've tried my best to follow Beatle-history, though. I would also like to say that it starts out kind of slow, but bear with it - exciting things are going to happen!

So if you've made it through this lengthy introduction, go ahead and enjoy my story. Please e-mail me about your thoughts, feelings, comments, questions, etc. about it. Thanks a lot! Now just sit back and let the evening go . . .

Strawberry Fields Forever

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