Who am I? Why do I like the Beatles? Why is my name Beatle Jude? Well, you get to find out the answers to these exciting questions in this part of my site! :)

First of all, this was my first attempt of making a web page. I know I've been slow in getting it updated and all that, but if you've ever tried to make your own page, I'm sure you'd find it just as confusing. You have to type in all of these confusing HTML codes, and I got by with a little help from my friends (please see my 'Thank You Girl' part of the page to see who helped me). Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed my page and all of the stuff I have on it, and I really would like it if you dropped me a line about anything. Thanks!

My name is Molly - but online I'm known as Beatle Jude. Wanna hear the *exciting* story on how I got my Beatle name? Well, I can't hear your answer, so I'll tell you anyway. :) Two years ago at a Girl Scout camp my friends and I made up names for each other. You know, when you're having fun with your friends you act a little goofy, so my friend said I should have a Beatle-related name. We came up with Beatle Jude because my favorite song was "Hey Jude" at the time - now it's "In My Life", but anyway. I really liked that name, and stuck with it.

When did I first get interested in the Beatles? Well, it all started back in 1995 - so long ago :) - when the Beatles Anthology first aired on the television. I had recieved a Beatles tape - 20 Greatest Hits - sometime in 3rd grade, and I liked it. My dad also had a Rubber Soul tape, and I listened to it a lot too. So I went to my grandparents house, stayed awhile, and watched the Anthologies - and I was immediately hooked! Everything after that was Beatles!

In case you're wondering, I'm only 15 years old (at the time when I wrote this anyway), so most people (and my friends!) :) find it strange I like the Beatles since they aren't a band anymore. I have always like 'oldies' music, and I just like the Beatles!

My favorite Beatles are John and Paul. I know, I'm not supposed to have two favorites, but I do! I like them exactly the same. When I first started liking the Beatles, Paul was my favorite. Like most people - even my grandma! - I thought he was really cute! I still think he is, but you know, I was only 12 at the time, and I wrote 'I love Paul' all over everything. I even wrote him a letter - it was nine pages long! :) (In case you're wondering, he didn't write back. I don't even know if I addressed it to the right place or not!) After a year, I started getting interested in John more, and I discovered I liked him also. No, I don't write 'I love Paul' all over everything now - I'm over that. :) Yes, I still like George and Ringo, but I just find John and Paul more of my favorites, you know.

Yes, I know this's getting long, but I have a habit of talking on and on - I just have a lot to say. You know. :)

Like I said, "In My Life" is my favorite song, which is on my favorite album, Rubber Soul. I have all of the Beatles albums on tape, and I'm slowly getting lots of Beatles albums on vinyl. Now I have the White Album (2 copies!), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Abbey Road, Beatles '65, Introducing the Beatles, and both Beatles: Live a the Star Club, Hamburg records. I have tons of 45's - I even have the Beatles' first release on their Apple label, "Hey Jude"/"Revolution"! I'm very proud of that - I love both of those songs. My room is totally full of pictures and memorabilia - my walls are just covered! I have eight posters, and little pictures all over - you can't see my walls or my horse wallpaper border. My friends are amazed. They also call me a walking encyclopedia. I know tons about the Beatles - go on, ask me anything! :) I've heard every Beatle song, and I've read lots of books. Yeah, I do get stumped every once in a while - nobody's perfect. :) But I find it fun to quiz my friends - and teachers! - about the Beatles.

And the people at Beatlefest. I highly recommend the Beatlefest to anyone who likes the Beatles. I went to the one last August in Chicago - wow! It was so fun! I met George's sister, Louise Harrison - she was really nice. I also met Bob Gruen, John Lennon photographer. He had a great slide show of pictures. And - this was really exciting - I met the Quarrymen!! Pete Shotton and Len Garry were really funny and nice. So were Colin Hanton, Eric Griffiths, and Rod Davis. Anyway, I got all five of their autographs, and talked with them. There are also many other things, like a trivia game show, concerts, the marketplace, lip syncs, displays, and much more things to do. After the Beatlefest had closed for the night, I joined the carpet Beatles on the floor in the hallways with my guitar and played and sang Beatles songs. That was really fun. I had a blast!

Well, I know this was a really long introduction, but I just have lots to say. Thanks for making it through this, and I'd really like for you to explore this site and let me know what you think! You know my name, look up the address!

Get back to my homepage, Jojo!