This is my thanks page for all of those helpful people who guided me and made this page possible. Thank you, everyone!!

First of all, thanks goes to Jen, who proof-read a couple of my fan fic chapters in the beginning and gave suggestions.

Thanks goes to Aviva Rothschild, who gave me very helpful tips on how to write a story and her encouragement to me. Thank you!

My sincere thank yous go to Tina Kukla, who totally guided me on this complicated web-making process. Without her, I never could have even started this page. She also uploads pictures for me so I could have pictures on my page! Thank you very much, Tina!

Thanks goes to Rea, who hosted my fan fic on her directory. Earlier on, she was hosting a great webpage with lots of fan fics on it, but unfortunately, it's closed down now.

Thanks goes to Winona, who sent me pictures and neat backgrounds for me to use on my page. She also gives me ideas when I need it. Thanks a lot!

Much thanks to Pam, my new editor. She goes through my new chapters and gives me ideas and fixes my mistakes I made in them. :) Thank you so much for all your help, Pam!

Aviva has written a very interesting story - and it's not completed yet! - about the Beatles. Please read it and let her know what you think. Her story is called 'With Strings Attached', and it's a science-fiction type story. I highly recommend it. Click here to check out her story!

Tina has a very cool web page with lots to do and look at. She has also written a fan fic, and the sequel she's writing is almost completed. I urge you to go check out her page and story - they are really good. She has neat pictures, and her stories are really good - you won't be able to stop reading! I couldn't! Please click here to visit her page!

Winona has just now started her own webpage, so please check it out! She has a fan fic of her own that she's writing - and it's pretty good! :) So please click here to visit her new site!

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