Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Put on your Beatles thinking cap and get out your Beatles pen and paper! This is a page of different Beatles trivia! Pick a category you would like to do, and have fun! Don't worry, more categories will be put up soon - just have to type them up! - so check back soon for more fun quizzes you can take!

Albums and Singles - Lots of questions about different Beatles albums and singles released all throughout their music career. ~Coming soon!~

A Day in the Life - Choose a certain year below and answer questions about that year. There are lots of years to choose from!






~These last 3 years are coming soon!~




~The rest of these categories will be up soon!! Please check back later!~

Name that song! - Use different clues and lyrics to figure out the name of a Beatles song.

Name that song again! - Same as the above questions, only with different questions and different answers!

Beatle Chatter - Pick one of the links below and answer questions like which Beatle said what, where they said it, and other things like that.

Chatter in songs

Chatter in interviews

Beatle Movies - Think you've seen all the Beatles' movies so many times that you could answer any question about them? Well, we'll see...

A Hard Day's Night


Yellow Submarine

So you've taken all of the different trivia questions? Really? Congratulations - and how well did you score? :) I hoped you learned something about your (and my!) favorite band! :)

A question or comment about anything I wrote about in the trivia? Did you do really well with the questions? Tell me your great score, and I'll post it up here! Just e-mail me about it!

One book was called Who Was Eleanor Rigby?, and neat trivia book, written by Brandon Toropov. I didn't use any questions directly from it, just the information. Check it out!

Another book I used was called The Ultimate Beatles Quiz Book, by Michael J. Hockinson. This book is packed full of neat tidbits and information - a really good book! Again, I didn't use any questions directly, just the information provided. A really neat book to read!

The other book I used was The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia, written by Bill Harry. It has everything in it, from different dates and concerts the Beatles played, to what Brian Epstein's middle name was. A really really neat book to just read - it's like a real encyclopedia of Beatle facts!

Okay, Jojo! Enough of this stuff - wanna get back to my homepage so you can take a break from all of these questions? Okay!

Please do not take any of these questions from this page or any other one! These are here for enjoyment, so please let me keep these on here. Just read them, and have fun answering them, okay?! :)